5 Learning Skills That Students Learn While Playing Online Games

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Education is not well behind when it comes to innovating the way the students learn. Currently, there are several ways that educators try to make their students learn from their topics and not bore them. Some educators involve technology in teaching their students. Currently, educators from Stanford University created a study regarding the effects of playing games in learning.

During the forum, the educators revealed that all types of games, including online casino games, help students’ learning skills. The non-cognitive skills, which are vital for the learning of the students, improved. Furthermore, once the students go to school and stop playing games, real learning also stops.

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The Gamification on Students

Gamification involves the application of game mechanics into the non-game environments of the subjects. In gamification, students can have learning activities that require the use of game techniques.

In recent years, teachers at Stanford are ready to incorporate the digital world of gaming into teaching their students. The university created a year-long course called “Education’s Digital Future”, where professors include games into their classrooms.

Learning the Importance of Choice and Freedom

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During the forum, the panelists pointed out that freedom and choice play a crucial role in honing students’ learning skills while playing games.

A professor at Arizona State University said that people as humans are stupid in different kinds of ways. However, the human mind is like a plug and play device that cannot work alone. Therefore, as a collective, humans are brilliant.

Developing Non-Cognitive Skills

As students play games, they indirectly improve their non-cognitive skills. These skills play a vital role in the development of a person and their learning as well. The skills are as crucial as IQ scores.

In research done by Steinkuehler, results showed that boys who typically read below their grade level begin to perform better right after playing online games. Steinkuehler then concluded that games are the backbone for the interaction of students.

Importance of Collaboration, Risk-taking, and Creation

Games involve the collaboration and risk-taking of the players. Since some games needed teams to play, students have to know how to interact with each other and collaborate with their ideas. Games also involve the need to make choices in pressing situations. Furthermore, researchers found out that those students who were unsuccessful after a game walked out. The abandonment that they saw in these students is one of the measurements that do not exist in classrooms.

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Interact While Playing

One of the best things that parents can do to let their children learn through games at an early stage is not to just present games to them. Parents must instead interact with the kids and become like designers of the game to improve their creativity and resourcefulness.

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