How Sports Betting and Cyber Crime are Linked

blog post - How Sports Betting and Cyber Crime are Linked

Criminals will never hesitate to get into any crime as long as it involves money. Because of the internet, it is even easier for criminals to do their acts. Even in sports betting sites, criminals hide in the identities of those who bribe the referees or pay-off the players.

Sports betting in Bulgaria

One incident in sports betting competition in Bulgaria in 2009 led to the investigation of the FBI. It led to the arrest of Oleg Nikolaenko, who allegedly was responsible for the game fixes in the match. Many observers saw the obvious hijack of the crime syndicates during the game.

Some of the observers were from the US Embassy. They told an interviewer that there were apparent bribes and pay-offs between the referee and the players of the match.

Nick Woodridge, the lawyer of the accused, identified an interplay between the old internet scams and the new scams. He also involved Niolaenko in the middle with his involvement in gambling sites.

Observations During the Sports Betting Match

The lawyer's observations revealed that the scheme's modus operandi was still the same, and the techniques just became different. It is a logical observation as there was a direct correlation between online betting threats and the increase in cybercrimes. Bribing a referee was still evident as it creates a significant impact on the final score of the game.

Other observations like pressuring the players to make last-minute substitutions results in a different kind of outcome of the game.

The Government's Role in the Crime

A weak government that also supports these kinds of crimes makes the criminal have a more powerful hand over the sports betting industry. In Albania, past governments were too weak that even the gangs work with those in power.

The UEFA even pressed charges against the top team of Albania in 2018 when it made a fixed match that also penetrated its government. The committee of UEFA flagged more than four dozens of fixed matches throughout the eight years and even banned the team for many international competitions for ten years.

The Mafia Connection

As the Italian Mafia heard about the loose gaming laws in Albania, the group eventually partnered with several criminal groups in Albania to operate online gambling sites and launder the money from the gambling sites.

When the laws got tightened in 2018, there was no stopping the criminal gangs in Albania from scoring more money and even developed a new way to get more money out of Albania's gambling industry.

People Report Gambling Crimes

The most vital thing that people can do against cybercrime is to report a crime if they happen to see one. However, people are still afraid to say any cybercrime since it can backfire from them.

Even though the amounts lost are small, people still find it hard to report that they are victims of betting fraud since they feel that it is a waste of time.

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